Jennifer’s Music Career is OVER!



I support you and everything, I even co-signed that dramatic ass Spanish album you recorded. (Even though it only was comprised of Ballads that sounded like theme songs straight out of a Telemundo Telenovella.)

I was awaiting for your return to the English music scene. And this new song “Hold It, Don’t Drop It” is to put it lightly, A FUCKING MESS.

It’s sad how bad the vocals are. I always knew you couldn’t sing great but DAMN, even Cassie sounds better now.


You need to go back to the drawing board, and just make a CD of club bangers. Stop trying to be an artist and experiment. Just make a CD for the club and dance your ass off in the video, that’s all we expect from you anyway.

If not, pack up your career and just return to sacrificing virgins to keep Marc Anthony alive. Cause you know homeboy is like a vampire or something.

Click here to listen to what sounds like a cat being beat with an umbrella!