"My December" is a good CD…. Period!


For a couple of weeks I keep reading everywhere how Kelly Clarkson’s “My December” is a train wreck and that it’s not as good as her previous mega hit “Breakaway”.

I want to know what CD people are actually listening to? Because I have had “My December” since it came out, and I like it very much. I’m not even a Kelly Clarkson fan. I thought the lyrics to “Because of You” were retarded. But this new CD to me is solid. Maybe people hate it because they are stupid teeny boppers who’s minds/lives are set on “HappyMode” all the time?

Because anyone who has ever had any sort of depression or went through a rough time in their life, can clearly relate to “My December”. And as for the CD lacking radio hits. I’m going to prove any naysayers wrong and post a couple of songs that would do great on radio and are on par with songs from “Breakaway”.

“Be Still”

This song is smooth. It really has a nice mellow vibe. The song’s lyrics are good. And it’s just one of those slow songs that you really feel. It almost has a bit of a country/pop hybrid vibe in there.

“Can I Have A Kiss”

The lyrics in this song are great. The chorus is great. This is a well written song that should have been her first single.

“One Minute”

This song is catchy as hell. Sure it’s no “Since You’ve Been Gone” but whatever. Isn’t the point of being an artist is to evolve rather than make the same shit over and over?

So the bottom line? Sure Kelly ain’t sexy. Sure she is not as hot as McPhee. But Kelly was blessed with a great voice. And that’s what should matter.

And if you want a dose of bullshit Pop, maybe you can buy Hanna Montana’s CD (If you haven’t already done so).




  1. MD > BA
    i dunno about McPhee being sexy/sexier…I used to think that until she took all her clothes off to help sell her cd.

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  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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