Catch me on Fox 5’s 10 O’Clock News tonight!

Hey Everyone,

Writing is something that I love to do. Whether it be me writing about life, pop culture or reviewing a film, writing is the easiest way for me to articulate my feelings and thoughts. I am comfortable writing.

I recently was afforded the opportunity to review “The Bourne Ultimatum” on tonight’s edition of Fox 5 News at 10.

Yup. Television.

I will be appearing with Fox 5 NY’s entertainment reporter Toni Senecal in her “Dinner For Two Movie Review” segment.

In all it was a fun experience. Toni Senecal (and her husband) were both awesome. I enjoyed myself and my appearance was well receieved by Toni and the crew. (Toni and I even became friends!)

So we’ll see what happens from here. Hopefully I will continue to move in the creative career path I am interested in. If not, this experience was still a blast that I wont forget.

Be sure to check the news tonight and witness me without the safety net of being behind a computer screen. Hopefully it will all go well.

You know you want to watch. How the hell else are you going to make fun of me tomorrow about it if you don’t?


PS: My webblog “” is still going through a re-design. Hopefully it will be complete by week’s end. Thanks to the many people who visit the site daily and support. It means a lot to me.


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  1. You were great!!! My advice on wearing a bright ass shirt was a good one. Didn’t I see “the king of housing” wearing it Friday night?? LMAO!!

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