Hit and Run Accident


Unfortunately my mother was hit by a bike messenger speeding in the wrong direction of traffic 2 days ago on 14th Street and 5th Avenue. My Mom was knocked to the ground and suffered cuts, bruises, and a hairline fracture on her elbow. This was a very unfortunate incident. And needless to say I am upset because I wasn’t there when it all went down. What is also upsetting is that this coward hit another person, then got up, and ran off (with multiple people in pursuit) and got away.

Bike messengers really need to be regulated, because I am certain this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in NYC.

Also, what if my Mom had no insurance? She would have had to pay for an ambulance ride to the hospital, and for the treatment she received out of pocket.

Luckily it was a bike and not a motorcycle, or a car that hit her. And my Mom is now stable and getting better. But things like this, SHOULD NOT be happening to people.

If anyone was there that day and happened to see this accident, please contact me. Also if you know of any bike messenger companies in the Union Square area that use Green Messenger Bags as part of their uniform, please let me know.

The guy was described as being a Caucasian man with a lanky build and blonde hair.

Thanks to the FDNY, the bystanders who tried to chase the guy down, and to Good Samaritan Cynthia Ali who ensured my Mom retained all of her belongings that flew out of her bag during the fall and for contacting me. I appreciate everyone’s help tremendously.

I also wanted to say thank you to the Staff at the Adult Emergency Room at Bellevue Hospital. You do a great service for New Yorkers every day.