Dead Wrong "NYCHA" Sketch of the Day!

I just don’t get tired of this shit huh?

Here is an Jennifer’s Anonymous Artist’s rendition of Joel falling and busting his ass down the steps at my house.


From the "McPheever" to "Beyonceitis"?

I dunno about this new Katharine McPhee video. Sure she looks great. She can sing. But…

All I keep hearing while I am watching this is “CHAD BLOW YOUR HORN NOW!”

I’m thinking she caught a mild case of “Beyonceitis”.

And the video is looking a bit like Amerie’s far superior “One Thing”.

Plus Size Barbie?

Wow Queen Latifah. You fell off with this one. I don’t know who told you that raiding Janice Combs Wig Closet was the right move, but you need to end this look ASAP.