"Should Be" Single: Danity Kane "Right Now"

What amazes me about Danity Kane is how their debut album went Platinum, yet they only released 2 videos. All this while Diddy hasn’t gone Platinum yet, but his CD has had 3 singles released with 3 big budget videos.

Diddy really dropped the ball with Danity Kane. Everyone else on Bad Boy gets more attention. I laugh too because when they were on Making The Band 3, he stressed the need for Dancing Skills. Meanwhile they haven’t even had a video that truly showcased their dancing.

Anyhow, I have this album, and it’s better than it ever deserved to turn out. There is a Timbaland produced song on the CD entitled “Right Now” and it should be their next single.

Sure it’s the summer and more obvious choices would be the poppy “One Shot” or the more urban “Hold Me Down”, but “Right Now” is a sexy song, they all sound good on it, it has a catchy hook, and it’s a clean song about how a girl is waiting to do the deed with the guy she likes until they know each other better.

That sure as hell beats singing about your “London Bridge” falling down.


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