Music Video Math: Kelly Rowland’s "Like This"

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am extremely horrible when it comes to High School Math. Fuck algebra and truth tables, all I need to know his how to count money if you ask me.

Anyhow, when it comes to figuring out the mathematical equations behind new videos with recycled themes, I am a pro. So here is some Music Video Math for your ass.

Today’s Featured Video: Kelly Rowland’s “Like This”.

“If You Had My Love” +
“You Don’t Have To Call” +
“Stronger” x
“I Can Love You” = Kelly Rowlands “Like This”

You artists need to get it together. Stop being lazy with videos. You guys ain’t going to sell records if you give us the same recycled videos.



"Her Name Is Nicole"

You can laugh at me all you want. But I always thought Nicole Scherzinger was destined to be a solo star since her days in “Eden’s Crush”.

Well here is her new single off of her solo LP “Her Name Is Nicole”. The CD is full of production from every big beat maker. Nicole is sexy. She can dance. She is probably the next big thing.

Here is her 1st single. “Whatever You Like” featuring the now inexplicably Bi-Polar T.I.

Polow Da Don did his thing yet again.