My Review of “Transformers”!

I went to see the new Transformers movie last night.
I am a huge fan of the cartoon, and I saw the 1st “Transformers: The Movie” in the theater with my uncle Surf. So last night was like coming full circle. While I am a huge fan of the cartoon, I am smart enough to realize that it’s appeal (to anyone who did not grow up watching it) is limited.
The cartoon was an inventive way for the Hasbro Toy company to do their job and sell us toys. And it worked. Every time they introduced a new character on the TV show, if you went you Toy’s R Us the following day, you could bet on the new character being on the shelf. So when it comes to a lot of the stuff from my childhood, I don’t kid myself and let nostalgia cloud my judgement.
And so I went to see the movie. I had no expectations. And I was not really caring about the fact that Optimus Prime now had flames painted on his body. I didn’t give a shit that Megatron wasn’t a gun anymore. I didn’t care that it didn’t follow any previous storyline. Fanboys can be so ridiculous with their blind criticisms that it can hinder your movie experience.
All I wanted was to be entertained by a 2 hour movie about robots kicking the shit out of each other. And I got what I wanted. This movie doesn’t take it self seriously. And when the main titles say “In association with Hasbro”, you know what the hell you are getting into.
But I am glad to tell you all, Transformers is a solid movie. It is one of the best action films I have seen in a while, and it’s better than we deserve from a story who’s source material is based on a popular toy line.
Sure the movie is strung together by a MacGuffin about a cube. And yeah some characters are thinly drawn. But that’s not what we came to see. And on a scale of sheer spectacle, Transformers delivers the most bang for your buck. I haven’t been awed by such seemless CGI and Special Effects since the 1st Matrix movie. The robots look, talk, and move realistically. The action is top notch, all of the fights are large scale. But one thing holds this film together (aside from the “Showing Off direction by Michael Bay), Shia Lebouf.
He does a great job as Sam Witwickey. He carries the movie. He is funny, he is charismatic, and he is on his way to being the next Tom Hanks. You can tell why executive producer Steven Spielberg has chosen him to be in “Indy 4”.
If not for Sam and his story that every man can pretty much relate to (about buying your first car to get the hot girl) the movie would just be about robots kicking ass. And while I would probably be fine with just robots kicking ass, I’m glad they went this way. Sure his story may be a testosterone version of Herbie The Love Bug, but it works.The acting, save for John Turturo (who it seemed watched Raul Julia’s campy performance in “Street Fighter: The Movie” to prepare for this film) was good. Megan Fox is insanely hot. She does a capable job as the female lead. You believe the story when she starts bonding and eventually falling for Sam. Josh Duhamel and Tyrese do good work. Bernie Mac and Anthony Anderson steal every scene they are in. And Sam’s parents are funny.

But the best part? Peter Cullen is STILL voicing Optimus Prime after all these years. He does a good job. And many of his one liners are taken straight from the cartoon. To hear Cullen still say “Autobots: Roll Out” or “One shall stand, and one shall fall” was like I went back to being 12 years old again.

And I wasn’t alone because the theater was consistently going crazy with each line or robot transformation.
But I’m not going to sit here and spoil every detail. You really just have to see this film for yourself.
In a Summer of startlingly terrible blockbusters, this movie finally delivers what we have all been waiting for. It’s just big, fun, crazy, hyper, spectacle on a grand scale, and it’s going to make a killing. I am totally going to see this again. And I am sure many people will.
I can’t wait for the sequel now.Bring us GRIMLOCK!


Dead Wrong "NYCHA" Sketch of the Day

My Brother and Cousin both work for NYCHA. They have this thing now where they started sending me fucked up sketches of each other and other co-workers via email.

Of course I just sit at my desk and laugh because they are so stupid that they are funny.

This is a pic of my cousin Jenifer.

Joel drew it. It’s Genius.

Apparently her head shrinks when she laughs.