Why does the AMNY paper guy have to catch feelings?


I can’t pinpoint exactly when my transportation experience switched from being bombarded with “Watch Tower” newsletters, to being bombarded with AMNY/NY Metro free papers. All I know is that one day it started happening and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

I consider this to be annoying as I am trying to get out of the subway and to work. I don’t want your free fucking paper. All it is is recycled news that I already heard Dianne Sawyer and Robin Roberts tell me on GMA before I leave the house. And the paper dyes your fingers.

So why exactly am I ranting about a free paper?

Because the fools that pass them out be catching feelings when you refuse to take a paper. They look at you like “Oh? You too good to pass on a FREE PAPER?”. And that shit is mad annoying. This happens to me, and I am even polite and say “No Thank You”, rather than walk away and not say nothing.
Last week I did that to the AM/NY guy, homeboy just shot me a side eye. To make it worst, the next day as I came up the stairs, he gave me the side eye again and didn’t even offer me the paper! It’s not that serious bro. You have to just laugh at shit like that.

So what I do now is make sure I take the paper from the NY Metro girl who competes with the AMNY guy in the morning and be as pleasant to her as I can be to her.

And this folks is what happens when you give me an unnecessary side eye at 8:30AM.