The Television Season Finales of 2007


Seriously, I was very underwhelmed with how downbeat a lot of the TV fall finale’s were. Here is my rundown on some of my fave shows:


That finale was the lamest ever. You have a fucking show called HEROES and you don’t show them doing anything super or heroic. The show suffers from poor advertising that makes things seem more important than what they are.

Then they hype up a “Peter vs Sylar” battle only to have them throw down in the finale for 2 fucking minutes in what was one of the LAMEST fight scenes I have ever seen on TV. When Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Alias have better fighting and action than a show with fucking SUPERHEROS then you have serious problems.

And don’t get me started on Hiro running at Sylar from 10 feet away with a sword and stabbing him. That’s bullshit. The best part of that fight was Nikki hitting Sylar with a parking meter.

HERE is an example of a real Season Finale Brawl…. Take note hero bitches.

“Grey’s Anatomy”

Why the finale needed 2 fucking hours to tell a story is beyond me. I have liked Grey’s ever since it came on midseason after “Desperate Housewhores” nearly 2 years ago. And the Superbowl Episode really took the show to a whole new level. But this season was lame overall.

While they have done a better job in justifying why Meredith is so miserable, why must they punish her character so much? From drowning and almost dying to losing her mom to losing her step mom and getting slapped by her gay dad in the face, they have really been punishing her lately.

And in the finale she suffers from a contrived break up with Derek and then the producers act like her half sister coming on to the show is something we really want to see. Next season better shape the fuck up cause the only good thing in that finale was Christina’s breakdown in her wedding dress. Also George and Izzie is not believable, and Callie should leave with Addison to “Private Practice”. One more thing, can you give Bailey more shit to do? Thanks.

“Desperate Housewhores”:

Whatever, this season was boring. I missed alot of episodes. The only convincing character is Lynette but her husband (Gay Matt from “Melrose Place”) really annoys me.

Where is Heather Locklear when you need her? Because this show needs new blood. And Gabby falling back and not saying or doing anything after she heard her new husband married her to secure the Latino vote is very out of character. Gabby always has something to say. Susan is still a wack character who should die in a May Sweeps episode. I always thought her character was a bootleg Lorelai Gillmore. Right down to the relaxed relationship with her daughter. Bree was funnier when she was with Rex, and they can never bring Rex back from the dead. And Edie killing herself over Carlos is unrealistic. If she is saved next season this show will suck. They should kill her off and have her become the new narrator. I’m sure Edie would have better shit to say than Mary Alice.

Better luck next year.


The first 6 episodes of the season sucked. I did not care to see a Jack Shepard crisis for 6 episodes while Kate and Sawyer broke rocks and ate fish pelets.
But the final 16 episodes that aired after the break were great. And the finale had one of the biggest WTF moments of the season. I am seriously still trying to figure it all out. It was the best finale of the season HANDS DOWN. I just hope that next season isn’t like “The Nine” cause that show was boring.

“Ugly Betty”:

The show found it’s groove and is pretty funny. The finale was a bit too contrived and down for a show that is frequently funny. I had zero expectations for this show (Being that it was a telenovella adaptation) but my attitude towards it changed. Betty needs to win an Emmy for Best Actress (Comedy) and Amanda needs to win for Best Supporting Actress (Comedy) even though Vanessa Williams and Ana Ortiz also put in great work.

Well now it’s off to a Summer of re-runs and preparing voodoo curses for the network executives who cancelled “Veronica Mars”.

It’s a long time from now to September now that all the shit on TV has finished up their seasons.

When the hell does Nip/Tuck start again?