The Sopranos: Choose Your Own Ending?


While I totally understood what David Chase was trying to do with his ambiguous final scene (that left the show open for interpretation or a feature film). It was too artsy for my tastes.
While The Sopranos was never a show that followed the cliches of TV writing, it’s still a diservice to loyal fans who have been there for 6 seasons to not give them concrete closure. Prior to the cop out ending, the final 5 minutes of the show were intense and the feeling of dread was palpable. With every Soprano family member entering the diner for dinner, a different suspicious looking stranger was shown (Was it the FBI? Was it someone avenging Phil Leotardo’s death?) We will never know I guess.
When the screen abruptly cut to black, I was pissed that either A: My cable went out or B: I accidentally rolled over my remote. Then the credits rolled and I knew we all were had. They teased Meadow’s rumored death with her having trouble parrallel parking into a huge space. Then having her run into the street. I thought a car was going to ram into her, but that would be too cliche. And this show has never done that.
So what happened? Did Tony get whacked? Or are they still going about their business as usual? I for one did not like the ending, eventhough I understand it. David Chase wanted us to feel what it’s like to live like Tony, the constant paranoia about getting popped.
While that proved for some great tension in the last 5 minutes, having the end of a series be a stupid “Chose Your Own Ending” cliffhanger is a diservice to the fans of the show.

I can only say at least the ending didn’t feature Tommy Westphall playing with a snow globe that had “The Bada Bing” inside. But still it was a disappointment to me. So while many people will be calling David Chase a brilliant man come Emmy time, I will say it was a cheap cop out. If you start a story, finish it. Period.

PS: I still think the final scene of Six Feet Under is the best finale scene for a TV show ever. Nothing can top it.