The Crappiest Movie Ever Made! (But why does it look better than “Spiderman 3”?)

So basically, they will make a movie out of ANYTHING it seems…..

The DOA games were never that good IMO. To me they were merely an exercise in how perveted Japanese Video Game programmers can be sometimes. The series was basically a 3D fighting game that featured top heavy chicks defying gravity and kicking the crap out of each other. It was no Street Fighter, and it definitely wasn’t a Mortal Kombat either. But it was popular. And when they came out with DOA Volleyball, dorks around the globe went crazy.
Anyhow, they made a movie out of that foolywang mess. And it looks like it was made by meth addicted chimps.
But an odd thing occured to me. The trailer shows that the film is pretty true to the source material. And then when the trailer ends. I realized that this would probably be one of those “So bad it’s awesome!” type deals. I mean come on, any chick that can pull a gun on you while throwing on her bra is hot. That takes talent.
Anyway it looks more fun than “When Superheroes Cry for 2.5 Hours” aka EmoSpider3. So I’m there. But then again I thought “The Chupacabra Terror” was a masterpiece. What the hell do I know?