That’s right, they are from Target….


There was a minute there where I got a little full of myself and only bought Banana Republic Chinos. At $50 to $60 bucks a pop, this started to become a bit extra.

Keeping in the tradition of being cheap (Like when I bought a pair of Starbury’s) I recently discovered that Target sells Chinos for $20 bucks. That’s right, $20 dollars each.

They are durable, high quality, they require minimal ironing, and the bitches are even water proof. All of that for $20 dollars. They even have a waist band that expands a little bit if you happen to gain weight.
For $20 dollars.

Now you wont ever see me buy dress shirts from Target (I’ll stick to being a Banana Republic snob for those) I did spend $200 bucks at Target and bought 10 pairs of chinos. And it was worth it.

I just thought I share this with the other dudes out there who are either spending too much money on Chinos or are currently getting theirs at Old Navy or The Gap. (Who’s pants are not good quality if you ask me.)

You see, don’t ever say I didn’t share with you.

And another thing guys here is a reminder: Brown Shoes = Brown Belt / Black Shoes = Black Belt / Brown Shoes + Black Belt = Fool.

It’s simple.


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