Summer Music: No Name Artist Edition

Every summer a song just mysteriously rises from obscurity to become an inexplicable runaway radio hit.

Look at the track record. There summer music charts are littered with no name people who have minor summer hits. Willa Ford’s “I Wanna Be Bad”. Sarah Connor’s “Bounce”. Sarai with that retarded song “Ladies” that featured the very powerful lyrics like “Ladies hands up! Let me see you shake yo stuff! A B C and D cups!”.

This summer seems to be off to a good no-name start. I listen to Z100 and keep hearing a song by a girl named Kat DeLuna and it’s called “Whine Up”.
I dunno… I just picture a bunch of tipsy (because someone snuck in a case of “Smirnoff Ice”) 16 year olds grinding up on each other at the Livingston Manor HS Prom all off beat when I hear this song.

Dunno if it will be a huge hit that lasts into a meaningful career for her, but be forewarned, this song is adding rotations on the radio like crazy. So you will be bound to hear this shit a lot.

Click here so that you can “Whine Up!”

The above sentence is total sarcasm by the way….