"Shoud Be" Single: Christina Aguilera "Without You"

Don’t you hate it when you buy an album and find that one hot song that you know would make a good single, and it’s never released?

That’s what I am going to start showcasing on my blog. The “Should Be” singles. Those great songs on albums that unfortunately never make their way to becoming singles.

I really like Christina Aguilera. While it has not always been this way, she has won me over with that powerful voice of hers. Vocally she has a lot of her contemporaries beat. I bought “Back To Basics” and while some of the retro vibe can get you a bit fatigued, there is one song in particular that I really fucking enjoy.

It’s called “Without You” and it soon became one of my fave songs. The beat, the melody, her singing, it’s all top notch. It’s the kind of vocal performance that earns Grammy Awards. And the feeling that Aguilera sets with the vibe of the song just hits you.

I think it should be her next single. And fuck it, if it doesn’t fit a Top 40 format, she should release it to Adult Contemporary and LiteFM stations. I’m sure it would do really well.

Grown people listen to music too you know. It’s not always about getting “Bodied” in a Transformers costume.




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