Old School Music: Randolph High Edition


The other day I showcased wack ass videos. But now I’m showcasing some of the hotter songs that were released during my High School days.
I haven’t seen some of these videos in ages.


Case – Touch Me, Tease Me

This was my shit. The beat was hot. Foxy Brown laid down a good verse (written by Jigga I am sure). And Mary J was there to lend her support and stiff necked dancing. I love how Foxy’s weave really hasn’t evolved since this video. It just went from straight and rough to curly with baby hairs. Also what happened to Case? Where is he?

Total – No One Else

These non singing chicks were pretty popular. They had the formula that Ashanti came years later and took and ran with. Basically they made songs that every girl could sing along to. And since Total sounded like Grilled Hot Ham and Cheese sandwhiches, any girl singing their songs actually sounded better. Lil’ Kim is here looking sane and un-cut. Da Brat is also here (Insert your own lesbian joke here). And it features another appearance by Foxy’s bad ass, nappy ass weave. How do you appear in a video with kitchen ass hair? Oh well.

Camp Lo – Luchini

These dudes came out WAY before their time. Had they released this shit during the Neo Soul era, they would have been more popular. The beats and rhymes are tight and every time I listen to this song I am back at High School. Brooke Valentine sampled the beat for her non-hit “Long As You Come Home” which was a good song actually, but that could be because I liked the beat so much, because Brooke Valentine is the wackness.

OC – Far From Yours

This was the HARDEST VIDEO TO FIND ONLINE! I remember that they only showed this video on Rap City and Video Music Box. I’m waiting for someone to come along and sample the beat. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Look even Kris Kross’s “Jump” isn’t sacred anymore. This also features Funk Flex’s former jump off Yvette Michelle. She was all over for a while, to describe her I would say she was like a 97 version of a Lumidee or Nina Sky.

Mona Lisa – Can’t Be Wasting My Time

She came and went. This was probably her best song. And it was on the soundtracks to one of the most funniest movies from my HS Days (Don’t Be A Menace). Her career fell off. And I think I kept seeing her on the cover of “Hype Hair” for a while. But that’s not a career. Does anyone know where this girl disappeared to or what she looks like now?


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