Obama Reggaeton? Are You Serious?

Dear Senator Obama,

I am fully endorsing your run for the Democratic Presidential nomination. I think you are bright, articulate, smart, and are a powerful speaker. When you speak I believe the shit you say. I think you could effectively run this country in a manner that we all deserve.

As for your opponent. I have never been a huge fan of hers, I voted for her in the past mainly because I’m a Democrat (I wasn’t voting for Lazio’s foolywang ass). So it makes sense that I’m not really into her run for president.

Go ahead Clinton Worshipers and act all “Jessie Spano” and call me a sexist pig. But her being a woman has nothing to do with my dislike at the thought of her running this country.

Plain and Simple: I don’t really like her.

Every time homegirl talks, she sounds like the evil president lady from “Prison Break”. Her speeches are long winded, and seem fake. She does not have the public speaking gift that Bill Clinton had. Billy Clinton could tell me that a family member I loved was evil and I would believe his ass.

Anyhow, back to why I’m writing a letter today.

I’m Latino (Puerto Rican) and am voting for you. And check this out, I don’t need a reggaeton song to make me vote for you homey. “Obama Reggaeton” is probably the most stupidest campaign idea since THIS BULLSHIT.

Please stop the nonsense or I may have to change my mind about voting for you. Don’t insult me with stuff like this. If you want to really impress Latino’s, you should know that to catch all of their attention simultaneously, you have to appear on Sabado Gigante. Everyone who rolls their R’s watches that shit bro.

Get with the program.

Stay up homey.