Music Videos: The Randolph High Wackness Edition


Here are some wack ass videos from my High School days.
Why am I posting them? Because it’s a slow ass day and I did all of my work already. That’s why….

Fabu – Just Roll

These chicks were a low rent Xscape minus the fat one and the high yellow one with the big nose that fucks around with T.I.
This was their only “Hit” and I laugh at their clothes because they look like the 20 dollar V.I.M. sweaters that were popular on Fordham Road back in the late 90’s.

Aaron Hall – I Miss You

The only guy who could EVER give R. Kelly competition in the Raw Emotion and Pure Drama department. I STILL laugh at the part where he sings “SHOW ME THOSE PRETTY EEEEEEEEEEYYYYEEES! PLEASE BABY DONT YOU CR-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”.

To be that melodramatic in a music video takes high skill.

Usher – Think Of You

Thank God Usher was able to escape Puffy’s bad blingy excessive influence. The gold suits, the dancers, the fire, all have Diddy written on it. The song was good but the video was wack.
And the S-Curl Flat Top? A career ender for sure.

Chantay Savage – I Will Survive

This sounds like something my Mom would jam to now on Kiss FM on a Saturday. When the song came out, there was no VH1 Soul. Had it came out later on during the Neo-Soul movement, it would have probably done better. Anyhow, the video is boring, silly, and dammit it’s a remake of the most annoying song in the history of music…

She sums it up herself when she sings “Sooooo Long, Buh-Buh-Buh-Bye!”

Patra – Worker Man

OK OK, this song came out a year before I entered HS. I just put it on here because she always was a mess (Dip And Fall Back was the epitome of her

HAMtastic reign.)

This was probably her “best” video out of all of the mess she filmed. I’m sure since it came out in 94 (making it ancient by today’s standards), someone will remake it soon. I can totally picture Rihanna and Lil Mama remaking this for a soundtrack to the 1 millionth urban movie about an inner city dance competition that features Meagan Good as the girlfriend.