My Review of “Live Free or Die Hard”!


I saw Die Hard 4 aka Live Free or Die Hard last night at a 10PM showing on an Imax Screen. I didn’t have high hopes for the film really. It was like my indifference to “Rocky Balboa” before it. I didn’t care to see another Die Hard, Bruce Willis is past 50, and I definitely didn’t want to see a PG13 version of a film series that wore it’s R rating proudly on it’s sleeve.
But after seeing the film I have a different opinion.
Live Free or Die Hard was probably the most fun I had with a summer blockbuster (so far). Let me just tell you, it is so fucking refreshing to see an old school action movie that doesn’t rely on an overload of CGI.
All you need going into the movie is that it will not be an Academy Award winning epic. Just know that the plot of the film has so many holes and lapses in logic that if you sat there and picked at them, the whole thing would fall apart.
But we don’t watch movies like this for plot and story. WE WANT ACTION. And Die Hard 4 delivers non stop action. It was like a dream come true for fans of TV shows like “24”. This film was like a huge version of “24” replacing Jack Bauer with John McClaine. Car chases, shoot outs, fights. It’s all good fun.
Does it feel like a Die Hard movie? Not really.
Does it matter? Not really.
Is it fun? Hell yeah.
And as far as the PG13 rating is concerned, these people got away with a whole lot. It really pushes the PG13 rating to the limit. You wouldn’t even notice the film was PG13, people are shot, killed, run over, choked, and even shreaded to death.
Bruce Willis is always game. He has a good sense of humor throughout. The kid from the Mac commercials (who was also a wuss in Jeepers Creepers) does a great job as sidekick.
The main villain is just meh. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Who is my pick to play Wonder Woman) does a good job of playing Bruce’s daughter Lucy. It’s nice to see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to her character.
Sure there is one action sequence in this film that was OD excessive, but I forgave it because of the fun ride I had. Director Len Wiseman directs the action in a way that you clearly see what is going on on screen. I hate watching films where it feels like the director lit a bomb on screen and you are overwhelmed. Here you see everything and it’s all framed very well.
Mr. Wiseman, you are now forgiven for directing both Underworld 1 and 2.
The best part of the movie is when Bruce has a showdown with the insanely hot Maggie Q. Their fight is so brutal, that is worth the 10 bucks admission price just to watch it. I really don’t know how they got away with this fight being included in the movie and not getting an R rating. After seeing this fight I must say this MAGGIE Q for Terminator 4.
So all you jaded moviegoers who are still pissed at the Spidey dance, convoluted Pirate Tales, or that wack ass T1000 on a surfboard, go check out Die Hard 4.
It’s the summer action movie that is finally worth your money.
Yippie Ki Yay Mother(GUNSHOT)!