Is This Really The Year Of The Forehead?

Jesus. Rihanna is everywhere it seems. She is all over the TV and Radio. Girls are rocking her wig hair cut. People are singing “Umbrella” and sounding like they have a speech impediment on the 6 train. She is really enjoying a good year. And then it dawned on me.

Could this really be the “Year of the Forehead”?
Every once and a while a singer comes out of nowhere to enjoy a good year. Brandy, Ashanti, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson. So does this mean it’s Rihanna’s year?

All signs seem to be in favor of Pon Di Forehead. And now here comes her latest video for the rock infused single “Shut Up and Drive”. The song samples New Order’s Blue Monday (Which was later remade with better results by the band Orgy).

The song is catchy. She looks great. So why don’t I like the video? Because I think pop singers who can’t sing, should be able to dance. And she does not dance in this video. Also the theme of the video was somewhat stolen from Christina Milian’s “Whatever You Want” video.

Whatever though, she’s doing her thing I guess. But I haven’t seen such forehead power since this.