"Beyonceitis" in all it’s glory


Remember when I told you all about THIS?

“Beyonceitis is the destruction of your career by the overall power of Beyonce Knowles. Beyonceitis is a serious disease that has destroyed the careers of several artists although a few have been able to have successful careers in spite of it. Beyonceitis is also used to describe the overall domination of popular culture by Beyonce Knowles. Beyonceitis is most severe on artists who attempt to release albums around the same time as Beyonce or perform on the same award shows as Beyonce. Doing so has resulted in the embarrassment of several female artists. Some describe it as Beyonce being overexposed, or as Beyonce having a monopoly on the music game, but truthfully if you are a good enough performer you would shine regardless of who else you are in competition with.”

Well it just so happens that I found a very good example of Beyonceitis online.


I can totally understand Pon Di Forehead and T.Error Mari doing this shit, but why are YOU there? You are better than this bull. Don’t let it happen again. BTW, who produced your new CD? Your new single “Gotta Work” sounds like a throw away soundtrack song that would be played over the closing credits of a movie.

Please find a good producer, scrap this album, and come back with some hot shit. It can’t be hard. Timbaland is not too picky these days. That bitch would record a song with The Wiggles if they asked him to.