Old School Joint of the Day: Shanice "It’s For You"


This was one of those hot songs that came out and never caught on. So of course it’s on my Ipod because I tend to like a lot of shit people never even liked or heard of.

I don’t know why it wasn’t a hit. It was produced by the group Portrait (of “Here We Go”) fame.

Maybe because people were over Shanice by the time she released this song? Or maybe it was because it was on the soundtrack to a terrible ass movie? Who the hell knows?

All I know is that when I hear this song I’m back to playing behind Grandma’s house at the Betances Houses with Nikki, Eddie, Stevie and Danny while music like this blasted out of Robert’s Audi (as he waited outside for Jody to come downstairs.

Those were the mutherfucking best days. Sucks to get old.

Anyhow, this was probably her best song. Dunno about the crazy ass bang though, but whatever, she was cute.



That’s right, they are from Target….


There was a minute there where I got a little full of myself and only bought Banana Republic Chinos. At $50 to $60 bucks a pop, this started to become a bit extra.

Keeping in the tradition of being cheap (Like when I bought a pair of Starbury’s) I recently discovered that Target sells Chinos for $20 bucks. That’s right, $20 dollars each.

They are durable, high quality, they require minimal ironing, and the bitches are even water proof. All of that for $20 dollars. They even have a waist band that expands a little bit if you happen to gain weight.
For $20 dollars.

Now you wont ever see me buy dress shirts from Target (I’ll stick to being a Banana Republic snob for those) I did spend $200 bucks at Target and bought 10 pairs of chinos. And it was worth it.

I just thought I share this with the other dudes out there who are either spending too much money on Chinos or are currently getting theirs at Old Navy or The Gap. (Who’s pants are not good quality if you ask me.)

You see, don’t ever say I didn’t share with you.

And another thing guys here is a reminder: Brown Shoes = Brown Belt / Black Shoes = Black Belt / Brown Shoes + Black Belt = Fool.

It’s simple.


Why does the AMNY paper guy have to catch feelings?


I can’t pinpoint exactly when my transportation experience switched from being bombarded with “Watch Tower” newsletters, to being bombarded with AMNY/NY Metro free papers. All I know is that one day it started happening and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

I consider this to be annoying as I am trying to get out of the subway and to work. I don’t want your free fucking paper. All it is is recycled news that I already heard Dianne Sawyer and Robin Roberts tell me on GMA before I leave the house. And the paper dyes your fingers.

So why exactly am I ranting about a free paper?

Because the fools that pass them out be catching feelings when you refuse to take a paper. They look at you like “Oh? You too good to pass on a FREE PAPER?”. And that shit is mad annoying. This happens to me, and I am even polite and say “No Thank You”, rather than walk away and not say nothing.
Last week I did that to the AM/NY guy, homeboy just shot me a side eye. To make it worst, the next day as I came up the stairs, he gave me the side eye again and didn’t even offer me the paper! It’s not that serious bro. You have to just laugh at shit like that.

So what I do now is make sure I take the paper from the NY Metro girl who competes with the AMNY guy in the morning and be as pleasant to her as I can be to her.

And this folks is what happens when you give me an unnecessary side eye at 8:30AM.


"Shoud Be" Single: Christina Aguilera "Without You"

Don’t you hate it when you buy an album and find that one hot song that you know would make a good single, and it’s never released?

That’s what I am going to start showcasing on my blog. The “Should Be” singles. Those great songs on albums that unfortunately never make their way to becoming singles.

I really like Christina Aguilera. While it has not always been this way, she has won me over with that powerful voice of hers. Vocally she has a lot of her contemporaries beat. I bought “Back To Basics” and while some of the retro vibe can get you a bit fatigued, there is one song in particular that I really fucking enjoy.

It’s called “Without You” and it soon became one of my fave songs. The beat, the melody, her singing, it’s all top notch. It’s the kind of vocal performance that earns Grammy Awards. And the feeling that Aguilera sets with the vibe of the song just hits you.

I think it should be her next single. And fuck it, if it doesn’t fit a Top 40 format, she should release it to Adult Contemporary and LiteFM stations. I’m sure it would do really well.

Grown people listen to music too you know. It’s not always about getting “Bodied” in a Transformers costume.



Could it be Kanye? You made a song I like?


Like many people I have grown tired of Kanye West.

Sure he is talented, but he is a fucking ego maniac. And I still remember that bad time I had 3 years ago when I was “chilling” with my cousin Pete and “Jesus Walks” came on the radio and I caught a severe panic attack.

Needless to say that was the last time I fooled around with ANY of that fuckery.

Anyhow here is his video for the song “Stronger”. Apparently old school sampling is out and Daft Punk sampling is in. Either way it’s different, new, and sounds cool.

And my favorite singer (Sarcasm) Cassie is featured in the video.

Check it out HERE.


My Review of “Live Free or Die Hard”!


I saw Die Hard 4 aka Live Free or Die Hard last night at a 10PM showing on an Imax Screen. I didn’t have high hopes for the film really. It was like my indifference to “Rocky Balboa” before it. I didn’t care to see another Die Hard, Bruce Willis is past 50, and I definitely didn’t want to see a PG13 version of a film series that wore it’s R rating proudly on it’s sleeve.
But after seeing the film I have a different opinion.
Live Free or Die Hard was probably the most fun I had with a summer blockbuster (so far). Let me just tell you, it is so fucking refreshing to see an old school action movie that doesn’t rely on an overload of CGI.
All you need going into the movie is that it will not be an Academy Award winning epic. Just know that the plot of the film has so many holes and lapses in logic that if you sat there and picked at them, the whole thing would fall apart.
But we don’t watch movies like this for plot and story. WE WANT ACTION. And Die Hard 4 delivers non stop action. It was like a dream come true for fans of TV shows like “24”. This film was like a huge version of “24” replacing Jack Bauer with John McClaine. Car chases, shoot outs, fights. It’s all good fun.
Does it feel like a Die Hard movie? Not really.
Does it matter? Not really.
Is it fun? Hell yeah.
And as far as the PG13 rating is concerned, these people got away with a whole lot. It really pushes the PG13 rating to the limit. You wouldn’t even notice the film was PG13, people are shot, killed, run over, choked, and even shreaded to death.
Bruce Willis is always game. He has a good sense of humor throughout. The kid from the Mac commercials (who was also a wuss in Jeepers Creepers) does a great job as sidekick.
The main villain is just meh. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Who is my pick to play Wonder Woman) does a good job of playing Bruce’s daughter Lucy. It’s nice to see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to her character.
Sure there is one action sequence in this film that was OD excessive, but I forgave it because of the fun ride I had. Director Len Wiseman directs the action in a way that you clearly see what is going on on screen. I hate watching films where it feels like the director lit a bomb on screen and you are overwhelmed. Here you see everything and it’s all framed very well.
Mr. Wiseman, you are now forgiven for directing both Underworld 1 and 2.
The best part of the movie is when Bruce has a showdown with the insanely hot Maggie Q. Their fight is so brutal, that is worth the 10 bucks admission price just to watch it. I really don’t know how they got away with this fight being included in the movie and not getting an R rating. After seeing this fight I must say this MAGGIE Q for Terminator 4.
So all you jaded moviegoers who are still pissed at the Spidey dance, convoluted Pirate Tales, or that wack ass T1000 on a surfboard, go check out Die Hard 4.
It’s the summer action movie that is finally worth your money.
Yippie Ki Yay Mother(GUNSHOT)!

Kat Deluna’s "Whine Up" Video


Remember when I blogged about this song? Well the video for her hit single “Whine Up” has finally came out.

While she isn’t traditionally beautiful, she does have a unique look to her. And I’m glad she is dancing straight out the gate. I hate when chicks have a high energy single and just stand and pose in the video.


Her dancing needs polishing though, but she does an good job for her 1st video. I am also trying to figure out if this is the first time an artist of her type came out repping DR before? Cause it was a first for me to see that.

But then again I don’t really watch MTV3res.

Anyhow, check the video for “Whine Up” here.