Sure she can dance. And yes she is hot. But this song is wack…..


I sometimes feel a bit sorry for Mya.

Not that she at all needs my sympathy. But she’s one of those talented (Dancewise) people who no matter what they do, they never really blow up big.

She is like Tyrese and Christina Milian. Talented people who have the “Look” to make it big, but when it comes to their recording careers, they fall way short.

Anyhow, Mya seems to average about one good song per CD she releases. And this sorry to say ain’t one of them. Her new single “Lock You Down” sounds like some shit that would have came out when I was cutting class at Randolph. The production is lazy. The lyrics are stupid. This song is NOT a party starter. And fuck Lil’ Wayne. Why do people keep adding him to their tracks as if it will ensure them going platinum?

What I don’t get is how is it that people like Fergie can get heavy hitters like Polow Da Don to give her hot shit like “Glamourous” and Mya can’t even get a “Me & U”?

There’s no denying that she can dance though. She dances pretty natural and effortlessly. Too bad….



PS: Her stylist should be fired. She looks like a homeless woman who stumbled into a tent at Bryant Park during Fashion Week and decided to wear everything she found.