R.I.P. Veronica Mars….


The Pussycat Dolls have officially killed Veronica Mars.

Those Trannies (minus lead singer Nicole) and their stupid TV show got renewed for a 2nd season while Veronica Mars is not on The CW’s abortion of a fall line up. Seriously, why are they going to search for another “Doll”? Doesn’t that group have like 8 of them already?

Well the show was fun while it lasted. And at least I know that Kristen Bell is waaay too good an actress to be unemployed for long. Maybe she’ll turn up as a new intern at Seattle Grace Hospital? Or as a castaway on Lost Island who was one of the 48 survivors that got no screen time?

I can only hope for the best huh? Either way, Veronica Mars will be missed by this Brown Dude.

“We used to be friends… A long time ago….”



My Review of “Spiderman 3”!

Yo- I can’t find the right words quickly describe how stupid and awful this movie was. Seriously? How do you spend upwards to 300 Million bucks to make a movie and have it be so damn stupid? I was literally in shock after seeing the film, and to think that I did not have ridiculously high expectations for this movie to begin with.Spiderman 3 is just proof positive that they should stop making Spiderman movies ASAP and maybe revisit them in 5 years with the right story and a new cast.

Speaking of Story, let’s focus on the awful story for right now. It was a contrived mess with everything being so damn convenient. Too many convenient things happened in 1 movie that just shows that the writing was just lazy and unimaginative. The meteorite with the alien Symbiote just so happens to crash on earth RIGHT NEXT TO PETER PARKER?

How Convenient!

The Sandman running from the law, slips and falls into a molecular sand pit and gets his power.

How Convenient!

Eddie Brock just so happens to be at the church when Spidey takes off the black suit to get rid of it, and it falls onto him turning him into Venom.

How Convenient!

It soon turns out that The Sandman was the one who killed his uncle.

How Convenient!

Gwen Stacy (Who should be DEAD) is in his Science class, and then she happens to be the girl who falls off a building who Spidey saves. And she dates Eddie Brock!

How Convenient! You see, things just seemed to happen only to propel the storyline forward in a way that feels like the film was just going through the motions to get to the next action set piece. I thought the special effects sometimes looked too cartoonish and fake. And some of the action was edited in a way that made it hard to see what was going on.

The only good action set piece (In the entire movie) was the Emo Peter Parker vs Harry fight @ Harry’s house which culminated with a Bomb to Harry’s face. Sweet. Scenes like that are cool. Too bad the other sequences were lame. The end fight did not need an annoying play by play from the reporter with the ridiculous accent. And did the cops forget their job was to protect and serve? They have this huge sand monster wrecking havoc in the middle of Manhattan and no one is trying to shoot it? The FDNY is not trying to take a hose to that sucker?

They are just waiting for Spidey to show up and do his thing.


Also, half the movie was on some “Days of our Lives” type nonsense. The difference? The acting on NBC’s “Days” trumps the horrible acting in this movie any day. The stupid scenes of Spidey and MJ leaving each other voicemails (with pained expressions on their faces) leading up to that very “DRAMATIC” and “EMOTIONAL” scene with the two on the bridge in Central Park “Breaking Up” because Osbourne forced her to. Did Mary Jane slip and hit her head and forget she was dating Spiderman?

If she was smart, she could have easily told Peter that Harry was hiding in the trees like a sexual predator during recess at an all girls school. I’m sure Peter could have kicked his ass, especially since Osbourne did not have any Goblin equipment with him.

She also needs an anti kidnapping device too. I’m tired of people kidnapping MJ. They should just kill her character off. It would really mess up Spidey and make me happy because Kirsten Dunst not cute and does not look like Mary Jane at ALL. Mary Jane was HOT, not a hot mess.

And why did they decide to rip off Jim Carey’s “The Mask” midway through the movie. You know, the part where the filmmakers decided that it would be funny for Peter Parker to do a Jazz Dance at a club in the middle of an action movie.

The biggest crime of all? Venom being in the movie for all of 15 minutes. And that’s being generous. How is a premiere villain in the Spidey-Verse reduced to an extended cameo in this film? Also troubling was the fact that his storyline has a definite resolution at the films end. It’s wasting a good villain to introduce him and kill him off 15 mins later. And they didn’t get the character at all. He doesn’t refer to himself as “We” like he does in the comic. He also doesn’t keep the Venom mask on for a lot of his scenes. It always comes off and you get Eddie Brock with busted yellow Jibs talking junk to Peter.


Sure the movie made a killing at the Box Office this weekend, and Die Hard Spiderman fanatics will argue you to the death that this movie was good (But they should really step back and watch it again). And yeah I know that I should be happy to even see a Spiderman movie after years of reading comics and wishing they would make awesome movies out of my fave superheroes. But man, this movie was wasted potential that with up to about 5 stories thrown into one movie made it a huge mess. Maybe that’s why it’s so upsetting. Because I can see with all the money and technology we have today, there was NO EXCUSE for this movie to suck. But it did.

What they should have done was made it simpler. Resolve the Harry issue early in the film (The butler could have easily told him about his Father being crazy earlier no?) That way Harry teaming up with Spiderman in the end wouldn’t seem unrealistic.

Have the main villain be Sandman, and have Spidey dealing with the black suit and how it changes him in a non-corny way. If they wanted to make MJ jealous, why not introduce a villain like Black Cat instead of Gwen Stacy?

They also should have introduced Eddie Brock as an annoying foil who realizes that there may be more to Peter Parker (Due to the fact that Peter seems to be the only one who gets the great shots of Spiderman.) And in the end (while having suspicions of Peter) follows Peter around and sees him throwing away the Black Suit. confirming his doubts about Peter, and ending the movie with Eddie Brock becoming Venom as the final shot of the film (and setting the stage for Spiderman 4). Seems easy right?
Oh an no more crying like sissies on roof tops. That was way too much to deal with in one movie. I did not pay $11.50 to see Spiderman & Co. cry for about 65% of the movie.

But whatever. I’m no film producer. I’m just a dude with a blog. What do I know.

But I do know that this dude won’t see another Spidey movie again unless it’s a remake directed by Christopher Nolan.

Later guys.


Sure she can dance. And yes she is hot. But this song is wack…..


I sometimes feel a bit sorry for Mya.

Not that she at all needs my sympathy. But she’s one of those talented (Dancewise) people who no matter what they do, they never really blow up big.

She is like Tyrese and Christina Milian. Talented people who have the “Look” to make it big, but when it comes to their recording careers, they fall way short.

Anyhow, Mya seems to average about one good song per CD she releases. And this sorry to say ain’t one of them. Her new single “Lock You Down” sounds like some shit that would have came out when I was cutting class at Randolph. The production is lazy. The lyrics are stupid. This song is NOT a party starter. And fuck Lil’ Wayne. Why do people keep adding him to their tracks as if it will ensure them going platinum?

What I don’t get is how is it that people like Fergie can get heavy hitters like Polow Da Don to give her hot shit like “Glamourous” and Mya can’t even get a “Me & U”?

There’s no denying that she can dance though. She dances pretty natural and effortlessly. Too bad….



PS: Her stylist should be fired. She looks like a homeless woman who stumbled into a tent at Bryant Park during Fashion Week and decided to wear everything she found.

Ryan Leslie is a talented producer…


Ryan Leslie is one of my favorite on the rise producers. He can easily weave a sound that can only be described as a synth-pop/hip hop hybrid. Most of his music easily become favorites on my Ipod.

Cassie’s “Me & U”, “Long Way 2 Go” and “Just One Nite” were all bangers. Cheri Dennis’ “I Love You” is an underrated jam.

He’s produced music for Britney, Diddy, and a lot of people.
Now finally he’s releasing his own album. Here is an inside look at how he crafted one of my favorite songs of the moment “Promise Not 2 Call”.

It’s interesting to see someone do all this work on their own, in their own house.


You shouldn’t wear Flip Flops outside of the beach….

Why is it that when the weather here in NYC gets to be above 70 degrees, women (and men with questionable fashion taste) decide that they want to put their dusty feet on display for all of New York to see?
This summer I especially noticed there was a Flip Flop epidemic and it is getting out of hand.

At least 3 out of 5 girls in NYC are wearing Flip Flops. They sport them to the store, to work, on the train, to go shopping.


1) To the Nail Salon to get a pedicure.

2) And then after your toe nail polish has dried, you wear them to the Beach.
Thats it. You shouldnt wear them if there is no sand or ocean/lake involved.

And chicks with ashy feet seem to be everywhere. Did the price of Lubriderm go up with the price of Gas?

Then women get mad when they catch you staring at their bare hooves in horror. COVER YOUR FEET and I wont look. Its that simple.

Oh and dont get mad if I step on the corn on your baby toe by mistake on the 6 train. No one told you to wear open toed shoes to a crowded place. Common Sense.

Especially at work too. If I happen to drop my stapler and it grazes your bunion, it really isnt my fault. Take it up with Workers Comp (And then theyll berate you for wearing open toed shoes to work).

If you are a woman whose height is 5’10 or above, chances are your feet are easily over a size 10. That also means that your feet probably look like “Man Feet”. So that also means you should keep them suckers covered up.

And having long toe nails, then having the nerve to freaking put a French Manicure on them, makes u look like a Badger who is best friends with a Korean Lady.

And dudes? What the hell is the sense of wearing thong flip flops with Jeans to go to random places like the barbershop? And flip flops with socks make you look like the only hick/retard who thinks the “I Just Woke Up” look they picked up from spending 5 years at SUNY New Paltz is cool.

PS: Chinese slippers are really cheap. So dont wear the same ones until all the cheap glitter and sequins fall off and you got holes in the soles.


"Hot Sundae!"


I’m not even gonna front. When I was younger I was a huge “Saved By The Bell” STAN…

I watched the show Monday through Saturday. It was weeknights after school on Channel 11, then new episodes on TNBC on Saturday mornings.

I learned a lot of life lessons watching “Saved By The Bell” (Not more that the lessons learned from GI Joe PSA’s) but still I learned enough. It was through Zach Morris where I learned that there was “No Hope With Dope”. I also was warned about the dangers of caffeine pill abuse.

I hadn’t watched the show in a couple of years, but recently my friend Ted makes me watch the show every morning on TBS before I go to work. And now it’s my new routine.

Anyhow, here is one of the best things to ever appear on SBTB.



"Complex Simplicity" by Teedra Moses


Teedra Moses is an artist who has been under the radar. I had her single “You’ll Never Find (A Better Woman) on my Ipod for a while because Wendy Williams used to play the song all the time.

But I never knew she released a full CD until last week.

I downloaded it and enjoyed it very much. The CD is called “Complex Simplicity” and it’s as if Neo Soul music crossbred with TLC’s “Crazy Sexy Cool” album.
It’s a good album that is definitely worth listening to. It’s currently available on Itunes.

*Extra credit to anyone who can spot and correctly identify the famous hip hop sample used in her song “No More Tears”. Let me know ur answers below.

Click Link To Listen

I’m out,